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Requirements For Funding & Grant Eligibility


  1. What is the National AIDS Council Fund?

The National AIDS Trust Fund (NATF) Notice 2002, made under section 2 of the Public Finances Act, was repealed by virtue of the National AIDS Council Act (2013) and the National AIDS Council Fund was thereby established to replace the NATF.

The NAC Fund was created to coordinate funding action on the part of government, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, community groups and individuals.  Resources for the fund may be mobilized from many sources, both national and international, for prevention through education, information and communication, control through well established public health measures and caring through clinical services and support for those infected and affected with HIV and AIDS.


  1. What is the Purpose of the Fund?

The purpose of the NAC Fund is to attract, manage and disburse additional resources through a multi-sectoral partnership that will make a sustainable and significant contribution to the reduction of infections, illness and death, thereby mitigating the impact caused by HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis in Seychelles, and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  1. What types of programmes are financed by the National AIDS Council Fund?

In accordance with the policy paper approved by its Board, the NAC Fund finances programmes among others, that:

  1. Contribute to reaching the objectives, outcomes and targets established in the 2019-2023 NSP and M&E Framework;
  2. Support the 90-90-90 campaign by increasing testing activities, support treatment initiation and adherence;
  3. Focus on the creation, development and expansion of partnerships among all relevant players within the country, and across all sectors of society, including government, civil society, and the private sector;
  4. Strengthen the participation of communities and people, particularly key populations and those affected by HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis;
  5. Aim to eliminate stigmatization of and discrimination against those infected and affected by HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, especially for young people and vulnerable groups;
  6. Design new IEC materials based on evidence from statistics and surveys to guide the review of the type of messages, type of activities, media communication, and actions for the main target groups (IDU, MSM, sex workers, prison Inmates, youth and others) which should be supported by the fund to bring a high return on Investment;


  1. What are the objectives of the Fund?
  1. To create national interest and commitment for the prevention and control of HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, and the care of those infected or affected;
  2. To mobilize resources for HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis programmes; and
  3. To promote and support national programmes on HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis.


  1. The limits and timeframes on funding?

The National AIDS Council Fund will consider funding projects up to SCR 500,000.

All projects shall require a minimum of 3 quotations from suppliers or contractors.

All projects costing over SR 100,000 shall be implemented by means of public tender approved by the Ministry of Finance.

The Board may advertise or call for proposals on a regular basis, at least on a quarterly basis of every financial year to attract more types of projects and increase its visibility.  However, there should be a Call for Proposals targeting specific events like National Day, World AIDS Day, Annual Colloquium for HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, and others.


  1. Principles

The National AIDS Council Fund finances programmes that:

  1. Reflect national ownership and respect country partnership-led formulation and implementation processes that build on, complement and coordinate with existing regional and national programmes in support of national HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis policies, priorities and partnerships.


  1. Are linked to national non-governmental mechanisms for planning at the national level, are consistent with the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis and build on national programmes for HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis.


  1. What are the parameters for Funding?

There is no limit to the number of times that an organization may apply for funding. In considering a request for funding, the National AIDS Council Fund Board will take into consideration the budget being requested, the nature of the project, the nature of the organization and its capacity to manage projects.




  1. How to make an application?

The application form includes a step-by-step guide to creating a HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis prevention control and/or care project and making it work as effectively as possible.

By completing and submitting this form you will provide the National AIDS Council Fund (NAC Fund) with information it needs when considering support for your project.


  1. What are the Funding Criteria?

To be eligible for funding from the NAC Fund, your projects must have an overall goal of prevention, control or care of those infected and affected by the HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis epidemics in Seychelles, in particular, the key affected populations. Additionally the NAC Fund will take into account the following factors for funding: The highest priority will be given to those proposals with the greatest need, based on the highest risk factors.


  1. Criteria must be based on organization and community factors
  2. Organization Factors:


  1. Be a National Based Organization and in the case of NGO, it should be registered in the Seychelles. Being a CEPS member will be an advantage;
  2. To show past involvement in HIV / AIDS or related areas will be an advantage;
  • Have authenticity, credibility and transparency;
  1. Be functioning or active as project applicants;
  2. Can make available strong strategic plans and programmes;
  3. Show interest and knowledge about HIV and AIDS;
  • Display commitment and capacity to implement projects;
  • Produce some source of income or contribution/participation to the project even in kind;
  1. To be up to date with your reports for past NAC-funded projects.


  1. Community Factors:


  1. MEET community social needs;
  2. MAKE a measurable difference;
  • ENABLE people to help themselves;
  1. IMPACT on building the skills base of individual or communities;
  2. BUILD the prosperity of the community, groups, family or individual;
  3. MENTOR, coach and support vulnerable people in developing life skills;
  • BUILD in a clear strategy and appropriate mechanism to ensure that benefits derived from the project are sustainable;
  • BUDGET: Include a full budget breakdown with your application;
  1. PLANNING: Explain clearly your program objectives, background, justification, activities, duration, outputs and desired impact.
  2. PARTNERSHIP: Consider partnership, if applicable, with civil society, government, private sectors which may enhance your project availability for funding.


  1. Importance of monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are keys in your application to the National Aids Council Fund, you must detail how you will monitor and evaluate success.

You must submit a final evaluation report within one month upon completion of the project.

  1. Other Conditions

Projects supported by the National AIDS Council Fund must:

  1. Acknowledge the support of the National AIDS Council Fund and / or use of its logo
  2. Any funded publication should be reviewed by the Board for approval before dissemination.


  1. Report of activities

You will need to produce a report of your activity within one month after the activity has taken place.


Attached is the form for that purpose which you will need to complete.

You will also need to attach photographs, sample of materials disseminated, training tools, etc.

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